Many people visit the Nation's Capitol on a daily basis. They go into commercial businesses and governmental offices. They also track allergens from the air and dust and dirt from the street. These contaminants are attracted to the carpets and make for an unhealthy environment. This city is also home to many companies who specialize in the carpet cleaning Washington DC businesses require to make sure their places of business are kept as healthy as possible.

After these contaminants get attached to the fibers, they do not stay there. They will become airborne after people walk around on them for a while. This allows them to be transported to other areas, spreading an unhealthy environment wherever they land. A standard vacuum will not handle all of these particles because the airflow does not work the way it needs to and the size of these contaminants.

When vacuuming a carpet, this piece of equipment will only deal with particles that are larger than about 10 microns. That certainly eliminates a vast majority of the visible debris, however, the allergens are smaller than that threshold. They measure in at about five to seven microns. The system that will kill and remove these small contaminants is what is needed for the cleaning to have the healthy effect it provides.

The company who is already doing your custodial work might be able to offer this service. Many of them will have a department devoted to the cleaning of carpets, rugs and, occasionally, the windows. The working conditions of your employees will be enhanced when this is taken care of on a regular basis.

The larger custodial firms will have a truck mounted unit to do their servicing. The long hose will bring the clean solution into and dirty water out of the building. All carpet cleaning machines work in approximately the same way and that will do the job these professionals have the training and experience to do.

The preparation for this work is all conducted with the idea that everything must be removed from the rooms to be cleaned in order to reach all areas of the carpet. This will then be vacuumed and pre-sprayed in order for the cleaning to begin. The large equipment will be brought in depending on the type of system being used.

The dry chemical system is used for the more expensive rugs and carpets because of their inability to handle much water. The water extraction system is the most popular as it is used on everything else. The solution is sprayed onto the surface and the brushes either revolving or rotating to agitate the fibers to release their contaminants. This solution will kill all viable organisms and suspend all particles in it. The vacuum system will then pick it all up and remove it from the area.

Getting the carpets clean and healthy is a fairly simple matter. Hiring the custodial company to come in, with their equipment, training and experience, will make it very easy to clean this important part of your environment. The companies who specialize in the carpet cleaning Washington DC commercial building owners need will help protect your employees and visitors.

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