GetBangedOn Dunk of the Month - April: Dwight Howard dunks on Jrue Holiday

Jrue Holiday’s total brain explosion has given us the Dunk of the Month for April. I’m sure we can all thank Jrue for doing something that few men would ever try: jump on a Dwight Howard slam.

Thanks to all the voters who made this the number one slam.

Dwight knows how to destroy a rim or two, and he definitely didn’t hold back here. People rarely get in D-Howards way towards the rim. Nobody is really stupid enough. But Jrue got caught out of position and Dwight made him pay. 

Jrue Holiday, you Got Banged On.

For only a few weeks, April gave us some awesome highlights. There will be another poll when the playoffs come to an end and then we’ll have the big one, the Dunk of the Year...