By: Erika Fernandez (@sonrieitserika)

Gang Green and its affiliates have more than enough reasons to come out of the shadows, gloat, and be happy this Tuesday. Since there isn’t anything nice to say about the Giants, let’s indulge in all the good things that involve the Jets. No one believed that the Jets were going to win. Safe to say the fans were ready for a loss this week. Right before last night’s game, it was time for the analysts to choose who would win this game. The only one that believed in the Jets was an ex Jet himself, Keyshawn Johnson. The air in New York City may be chilly today but these Jets are hot.

It was a great one out in Atlanta for this edition of Monday Night Football. As viewers, all we kept hearing and seeing was the greatness of Julio Jones and Tony Gonzalez. Sure they’re great but underrated Geno Smith delivered and executed last night. After last week’s lost, Geno felt personally responsible that even he apologized to his teammates.

Last night’s win was vital to the Jets squad. The first half of the game was also favorable for the Jets, especially since the Falcons kept trying to score a touchdown instead of a safe field goal. Safe to say head coach Mike Smith was greedy on that play. The Falcons also got lucky on a pass interference and running back Jacquizz Rodgers was short to finish out the half. Ironically enough, this is the second week that the Falcons fail to convert.

Many Jets critics already thought things were going to be over when Matt Ryan delivered a touchdown in the fourth quarter. With 1:54 left on the clock and time outs left, this was an opportunity that the Jets had to capitalize on. After leading them 55 yards down the field, this was the moment to lay down a 43-yard field goal from Nick Folk. Smith was impressive last night. He had 3 touchdowns, 199 yards and four incompletions. In other words, he’s starting to settle in as the Jets starting quarterback.

The team’s personal cheerleader and head coach Rex Ryan, looked ecstatic on the sideline as soon as the field goal went through. Rex was quoted saying, “I’m so happy we won this way. It took every one of us.” Good thing he let the clock run out last night too.

The football gods are shining right now on the Jets after that great 30-28 win. Kudos to the Jets for a well-played game. It’s nice to see that one New York team is succeeding this season. New York needed this. The fans needed this. Let’s not jinx it by mentioning the Super Bowl.