Ugly, ugly game against the Isles; and there is scant margin for error let alone anymore of that symphony of suck. The ‘Canes occupy the E.C. basement, and have the worst record in the NHL, but are riding a 3 game win streak. I’ll call it like it is, this game is a must win. If DET really are going to make the playoffs, and be competitve, these are the games they should win, handily. I expect a solid effort, at the very least. And is it too much to ask for some production on the PP. DET are now 2-for-45 (4.4%) in the last 14 games - - queue the cone of shame. Work is insanely busy, you get the numbers and maybe an update this afternoon. See you at the EllBee, where I understand that pager signals cannot be received.

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