Saturday September 28th                       Velocity 250

Race #27

We ran our last Vintage Modified race this past weekend.  The Lincoln Welders, Quaker State Coupe was in a field of 21 cars, racing in front of a near full fan capacity.

We ran two races, a heat and a 25 lap feature.  Starting pole in our heat should have been a good chance for us to pick up the win but handling issues plagued us and we stayed clean but fell back, still qualified, but at the back for the feature.

The Car Was A Handful Though We Hung On In The Wild Qualifying Heat Race

We tried several adjustments for the feature getting the car better. However, starting at the back meant working our way through some tough competition.

The feature was a wild affair.  A few cars got beat up in this race including our little 33 Chev Coupe.  It wasn’t until near the end of the race when cars jammed up in front of us and there was no way to get around.  The damage was slight, but enough to put us out after moving from 20th to 11th with ten laps to go. 

We were somewhat disappointed that we didn’t get the finish we had last time here, a 5th, but the car is in good shape and will do a show with Lincoln Welders in a few weeks, and will be in good shape for that event.

Next Up October 11th 12th & 13th

Autumn Colors Classic 113 Laps


Sponsor of the Week

Lincoln Electric

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