On Tuesday The South Carolina Gamecocks dismissed Stephan Garica from the football team because he failed is alcohol test yet again...... Garica was giving chance after chance after chance after chance ,and after his sixth chance Steve Spurrier said enough is enough. 

As a QB you supposed to be a leader of not only your offense but your football team as well ,however when you drink and failed and getting another chance then show your teammates and fans they you dont care about doing it again. THAT A PROBLEM!!!!!! You are a 5th year senior that acks like a 2 year old baby.. Why? Because instead of playing football and leading your team to victory YOU OF ALL PEOPLE want to drink then you want to drink more. Despite Throwing in your career for 7,597 yards for 47 Touchdowns and 41 Interceptions. The Gamecocks FANS IS GOING TO THINK OF YOU AS DRUNK GARCIA!!!! To me as a football player myself I get so mad when other players bust their tail to their selves ready to start every SATURDAY and something like this is goes on this shows that you a sorry player, this shows that when you get drafted by a team they will not pick you because what you perform off the field, this show that you need TO GET OFF YOU TAIL AND GET YOURSELF BETTER MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY!!!! Garcia you MAKE ME SICK AS A PLAYER YOU A SRUB THAT DESERVES TO NEVER PLAY FOR A FOOTBALL TEAM EVER AGAIN COLLEGE NOR PRO!!!!!!!! You was a sorry player on the field IT SHOWS OFF THE field your a 23 year old baby.... Hey Garcia? YOUR CAREER AS A QB IS O.V.E.R.!!!!!!