They say it is good for college football when Steve Spurrier is busy throwing around zingers.

Coach Spurrier must be in a good mood these days.

ESPN's Chris Low interviewed Coach Spurrier recently and he had a lot to say about South Carolina, Georgia and a slew of other things.

It's easy to think the expectations have been changed at South Carolina after the past two seasons. In 2010, USC won its first ever SEC Eastern division title and played in their first SEC Championship. 2011 was a step up for the Gamecocks by winning 11 games for the first time ever and finished off a strong victory in the Capital One Bowl over national power Nebraska.

Here's what Coach Spurrier thinks about expectations:

“Now, our people know we can win 11 games, and when we don’t, they’re going to be, ‘How come we’re not winning 11, Coach?’That’s just the way it is.”

This is why we brought you to South Carolina coach.

To win ball games.

Spurrier appears to be having so much fun now that he's doing some things that no one ever expected to be done at South Carolina. It's the turn of the tide for the Gamecocks and the man with the iconic visor appears to be content with his place as the Gamecocks head coach.

Is it me or does Steve Spurrier seem to get younger as he gets older?

Spurrier also had a few zingers for several topics like this one about UGA:

“I don’t know. I sort of always liked playing them that second game because you could always count on them having two or three key players suspended.”

Here are his thoughts on retirement:

“I used to think 60. When I was 55, I’d say four or five more years. When I got to 60, I’d say four or five more. And when I got to 65, I started saying three or four more. I’ll tell you what. We had a good-looking quarterback come through on Junior Day, and I wrote him a letter and said, ‘If you come here, you might extend my coaching career two or three years.’ ”

As you can see, the Head Ball Coach still has it. Don't let the age fool you. He'll be throwing top notch quotes out there with the best of them for a long time and he doesn't look ready to leave Columbia anytime soon. 

Good news for South Carolina.

Bad news for the SEC.