The South Carolina Gamecocks are playing host to some of the nation's top recruits this weekend and one such recruit is a big one - figuratively and literally. 

South Carolina will host five-star offensive line recruit Damian Prince this weekend as he'll get his first taste of Columbia and what the Gamecocks have to offer. 

Prince, a five-star offensive tackle prospect, was long considered a Maryland lean during this recruiting process. Considering his proximity to Maryland, it's no suprise he's giving them high consideration. However, there are some factors that are playing in other schools favor and Prince is seemingly open to playing out of state for his college career. 

South Carolina has been pushing and pushing for Prince for awhile now and the work of G.A. Mangus is paying off big time for the Gamecocks. Mangus has been working on Prince and has convinced him that South Carolina is a great place to play. One of the things the Gamecocks are likely pushing is their more recent success following their third-straight 11-win season. Another positive for the Gamecocks has to be that, of the current offensive line commitments, none are current projected tackles like Prince. 

Prince will likely have Na'Ty Rodgers as his host for his official visit. Rodgers, like Prince, is from Maryland and battled those same type of decisions that Prince will have to make on National Signing Day. 

Outside of Maryland, it appears that Florida is another team making a big push for Prince as well. The Gators landed a big commitment from friend Jalen Tabor, who decommitted from Arizona last week, and this is something that could play a factor with Prince. The Gators do have a number of offensive line commitments already and it's being said that these two players are not necessarily the package deal that they once were thought to be. Still, the one common team between the two players are the Gators and they certainly are a team to watch here. 

Prince has already taken official visits to Florida State and Maryland during the season and will visit Florida the weekend of January 31st. South Carolina hopes it can do enough this weekend to convince Prince to shut it down but, like mentioned before, this one will ride all the way to National Signing Day. 

Maryland is the leader in the Crystal Ball predictions with 62% while Florida State is next with 24%. Considering the Seminoles aren't trending here with Maryland, don't look for them to be in the mix. 

The Gamecocks are making momentum here with Prince. Can they make the final push for the five-star commitment? This weekend could mean a lot if the Gamecocks want Prince as part of the 2014 recruiting class.