Jadeveon Clowney has long been considered an NFL prospect since his senior year in high school. 

A much publicized, but very successful, college career did nothing to diminish those thoughts either. 

Now that Clowney has entered the NFL draft, the conversation has turned to where will Clowney get drafted. Most pundits consider him a top five prospect with a chance to push his way into one of the top three spots in the draft. 

If you listen to Houston Texans owner, Bob McNair, in this interview (which has since been removed), you would think he's definitely considering Clowney as the number one draft pick in the 2014 NFL draft. 

McNair said that Clowney was "one of these players who's a once in every 10 years kind of physical specimen that comes along." McNair later added that he thought former Texas number one pick Mario Williams was the same way and thought that Clowney was a better athlete. 

One of the downsides to Clowney this season has been his questioned work ethic. People have said that he takes plays off, doesn't put forth the effort that he should and questioned his love for the game. It's certainly something that has made the rounds with Clowney but only he can answer that question going forward. 

McNair did said that players like Clowney "didn't have to work as hard in junior high school and high school and in college to be a superlative athlete because they have this natural ability. 

"[Clowney is] not a J.J. Watt. J.J. didn't have that natural ability. He worked, he developed his."

Pairing Clowney with J.J. Watt form one of the best defensive end duos in the NFL. It likely won't happen, but McNair did say that Watt would do his best to instill his own work ethics on the decorated junior from Rock Hill, South Carolina. 

The NFL draft will be held May 8-10. Clowney is currently the number one listed prospect on Scout's Inc. Top 32 for 2014.