Who would you rather have in a playoff series, Brian Boucher or Roberto Luongo?Ok, I am pretty sure that you probably said Luongo. Unless of course you follow me on Twitter.

The reason why I ask this is because, both Boucher and Luongo have 34 postseason appearances in their careers, because of this I think it's really valid to compare them.

So, I ask again, who do you want in a playoff series, Luo or Boosh?

Once again, you all probably still said Luongo, and now are proceeding to question my sanity.

I say, give me Brian Boucher. Brian Boucher is a better playoff goalie than Roberto Luongo. First off, Brian Boucher has twice as many shutouts in the playoffs than Luongo, 2 for Boosh, one for Lou. 

Well what about record? Boucher is 17-14 in the playoffs, Luongo is 17-17. Now you're...

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