Big plays for Jets rookie Shonn Greene [Hawk Central]- Shonn Greene still thinks about the days when he was lifting couchesinstead of carrying footballs. "It wasn't fun," the New York Jetsrookie running back said. "It was a humbling experience."

Hawks can't shake empty seats [Hawk Central]- What happened Tuesday night at Carver-Hawkeye Arena was disturbing,but not just because the Iowa men's basketball team struggled to defeatan obscure opponent with a lousy record.

Jets rookie RB Shonn Greene helping carry load for New York's top-ranked running game [LA Times]

Hawkeyes happy with a win [CR Gazette]- Call it an unlikely scare, ugly or wherever the apt description takesyou. But for Iowaâs players and coaches, theyâll call it a win, andthatâs enough for now.

Love âem, âcuz you canât leave âem...

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