Fort Worth, TX, 28-JAN-2013 - Thomas Phillips, DDS, Fort Worth dentist, is pleased to announce that damaged, stained, crooked and crowded teeth can be fixed with the modern methods of restorative dental services. The concept of restoring teeth rather than extracting them is a popular one. In today's society, it is more likely that some form of restorative technique will be applied rather than simply pulling the bad tooth.

Artificial teeth today are not as obviously false. They can be closely matched in color to the patient's existing teeth. However, part of the restorative process is to remove any stained areas on the natural teeth. Whitening is an easy and popular technique that can be done in the dental office or even at home with over-the-counter remedies.

Artificial teeth today are more durable. The materials last longer and they are more resistant to staining and chipping. The goal is still to look natural so some minor flaws may be reproduced. Of course, if full dentures are required, matching color is not as critical. The fit on the prosthetics is absolutely crucial. Patients want the type of individual attention that Dr. Phillips can provide.

When the structure of the teeth is sound, patients may just want to have stains removed, or for a more serious restoration, they might choose to have veneers applied to the existing surfaces. Dental implants are another way to improve the smile. These are permanently affixed artificial teeth that are difficult to tell from the natural teeth.

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