Fort Collins, CO, 06-Feb-2013 - The Bankruptcy Center at the Law Offices of Loomis & Greene and Fort Collins bankruptcy attorney, Kurtis Loomis, are pleased to announce help in understanding and filing bankruptcy successfully is available through the professionals at the Fort Collins office. Bankruptcy laws change often enough that debtors should be sure to get the type of legal assistance that will avoid making costly mistakes. The emotional turmoil surrounding a bankruptcy filing can be partially mitigated by ensuring that the best possible case is presented.

Understanding the important terms and definitions is an initial step in the process. The first consultation is usually an information gathering session for both the attorney and the potential client. There are several different types of bankruptcy filings. Some of them have a more significant impact on the financial future of the debtor than others. It is the job of the attorney to help the client determine the best choices with a full presentation of immediate and long term implications.

According to Mr. Loomis, Fort Collins bankruptcy attorney, "I bring a level of experience as well as compassion for the emotional issues surrounding bankruptcy. My continuing education makes me uniquely qualified to guide and direct the client in a way that will allow them to improve a financial picture. This can include identifying obligations, forming new spending habits, and keeping the important assets such as houses and automobiles if possible."

The job of the attorney is to present the true and accurate information to the courts, while not giving away assets unnecessarily. The downside of filing for bankruptcy is offset by the opportunity of clearing the decks of overwhelming obligations.

Learn more about the forms and definitions linked to bankruptcy filing by using the services of a skilled attorney by visiting the website at today. Members of the press and others who have further queries regarding the information in this press release are encouraged to contact Mr. Loomis at the location provided below.

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