When you read the headline for this article you might think "this has nothing to do with MMA."  I agree, it has nothing to do with MMA.

It has nothing to do with the Republican Party either, it's a story about a mixed martial artist who also happens to be a former Republican candidate for an elected position in Portland, Oregon.

The only reason for this headline is: Why always relate the negative to MMA?  Or Ultimate Fighting like the people who don't know a thing about the sport call it.

To make things clear, people, an Ultimate Fighter is a mixed martial artist that fights for the UFC.  The sport is called Mixed Martial Arts, not Ultimate Fighting, that is just part of the original name of the UFC before it adopted it's initials.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship.  Not the Ultimate Fighting Challenge either, you hear me Bill "Super-Foot" Wallace?

So, an unfortunate news broke out about mixed martial artist and former Republican candidate, Matt Lindland, being sued over alleged stolen medical marijuana plants.

Apparently in Oregon there is such thing called The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program where it is legal to grow these plants for medical purposes as long as the grow site is registered with the state and that the grower those not turn any profit from it.

In a suit filed earlier this month in Multnomah County Circuit Court, plaintiff Gonzalo Aldana Gamboa claims Lindland offered last year to let Gamboa grow the marijuana plants under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program on Lindland's property in Eagle Creek.

"According to the lawsuit, Gamboa registered the grow site with the state of Oregon and harvested six mature plants last October. Lindland helped load the plants into a U-Haul truck and told Gamboa he was moving them to his shed to dry, the lawsuit says. But when Gamboa returned a month later, Lindland would not allow him to collect his harvest, the lawsuit says." excerpt from original report by James Pitkin for Wweek.com.

Apparently, Matt Lindland is yet to tell his side of the story.

Now, back to my main concern.  And bare in mind, this is a lawsuit the report is talking about, no criminal charges have been filed against Matt Lindland.

Truth is, whether or not Lindland stole or let's say "disposed" of these allegedly legal plants, it has nothing to do with his career as mixed martial artist or a coach.

I am sure people like New York Assemblyman Bob Reilly will be quick to jump at a story like this and preach about how an "Ultimate Fighter" (Mr. Reilly, you calling MMA "Ultimate Fighting" is the biggest proof of how little you know about the sport you are so fiercely stumping on), and try to smear the image of an entire sport and industry.

When news broke out about Chael Sonnen's guilty plea for money laundering, the headline also read "Ultimate Fighter."  Both Lindland and Sonnen have run for elected political positions in Oregon for the GOP but none of these initial reports say "former Republican candidate."

Aren't politics (in general) associated more often with crimes of dishonesty than MMA?

Why keep bringing the sport into situations that has nothing to do with it?

Let's just hope MMA oppositors don't jump on this like monkeys on a banana pile.  Or maybe Bob Reilly writer another ill-informed (and yes I think I just made that phrase up but I know what I mean LOL), about how incredibly bad MMA is, backed up with no coherent information, just by his own opinions.

Opinions I might add, might also have political motivations. 

Hello United Here! Hope all you guys are doing GRAND!

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world right now, but it is integrated by humans.  Humans that can make mistakes like any of us, but the sport doesn't have to pay for it.

MMA fans, stick up for you sport. 

MMA athletes and personalities, behave damn it!


Thanks for reading.


Original report by James Pitkin for Wweek.com

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