Each year large paint corporations set the color palette for the seasons. The much anticipated announcements have decorators making predictions long in advance. This season, while certain neutrals are still hanging on, there are some new introductions that can change the entire look of a room. When it comes to palettes for paint Adelaide locals are looking for a little more brightness in their lives.

Grey was the 'it' color for the first half of the year. Entire rooms were shrouded in it, and hue only made an appearance in Baroque spaces that showed rich burgundies, deep purples and blue. The Spanish hues have made an exit for the coming season and grey is taking a back seat, although it does still feature.

The beginning of this year also gave green plenty of fashion relevance. It's no longer in the foreground, but it still holds trend status. There are 3 main sets of color coming.

One of the key palettes right now is a group of bright primaries. Blue, red, and yellow are all used in their pure forms in the same areas. This is a dilemma for those wanting to use them on their walls. These are shades that aren't easy to use without making a room look smaller and too dark. One solution is to introduce plenty of natural light through bigger windows and window treatments that are sheer.

Color rich walls that are in a room that's flooded with light are able to show off all their brightness to their very best. Alternatively, prints are used to break up those brights with a large amount of ivory. This has put stencilling on the map.

Charming repetitive patterns are used to bring in those primaries, while white is the background that brings in enough lightness. Murals have become curvaceous and exciting. It is possible to shroud a whole wall in sunshine yellow, as long as it's used with natural light and areas of ivory.

Text is another trend that's introducing black and white combinations. All forms of newspaper text are used, and warehouse tones of stone and brown are given to graffiti. This is sure to be a passing fad so many are toning it down in subtle ways for more timelessness. Text is under-emphasized for longevity of style.

Deep brown and stone could well be the most attractive set right now. The most important element of the palette is contrast, and natural light is made part of the decor. Teak, drapery, floor and wall treatments all use the two toned set in flat shades. Without plenty of sunshine, though, this room will fail.

A risky new palette comes as a combination of juicy reds and blush pink. This achieves an austere room that can be rather feminine. For this reason, it is better done without detail. Print is absent and minimalism is crucial. This is a set bold enough to satisfy on its own. When using blush and red combinations of paint Adelaide residents should place trust in the colors' capacity to work without help.