Chinese New Year holidays approaching, many people have begun to plan travel activities, a suitable "weather" Jackets travel essential choice. Jackets biggest feature is the rain, wind and also has a cold, warm effect, which is destined to popularize it in their daily lives. With consumer demand for cheap north face Jackets greatly improve, more and more brand Jackets available, the face of a wide range of brands, the level of disparity in prices, in the end which brand Jackets cost-effective?

According to the deputy chief of weaving Industry Federation standards at For Jackets the standard is still the approval stage of production in accordance with the national mandatory standards Jackets gb 18401-2010 National Textile Product Safety Technical Code for "functional clothing standards, Some well-known companies also own standard.
Design a professional Jackets should be on the shoulder, elbow wear layer; within the middle and lower have wind skirt, or call windproof feet to prevent the wind from the hem poured into the clothing; the armpit should have ventilation zippers, can be opened directly sweating more breathable; built-hat, in order to put away when not in use. There are also some of the details, such as at the cuffs small hanging buckle to hook directly to the glove, the hood attachments slider can adjust the hood shape and head anastomosis; neckline, usually thickened or layer thin fleece lining to reduce heat loss; the pocket opening higher or breast pocket to avoid the backpack belt and hold the pocket take no stuff happens.
Cheap north face jackets for outdoor workers in a variety of weather conditions that may occur to maintain long-lasting waterproof. For example, walking in the rain, handling tools or you can sit directly on the wet ground to rest.
Jackets fabrics are generally composed by: the outer protective layer + middle waterproof breathable layer + lining part. Protective layer and a waterproof breathable laminate together two layers of adhesive fabric, lining their separation, lining majority rip stop nylon, the grid cloth or a Sweat-absorbent material, mostly black seams taped Article inside material blocking the invisible (unless it is through the mesh). The three adhesive fabric protection layer waterproof breathable layer and lining pressed together, looks like a layer of fabric; generally lining color is silver gray.
Discount north face jackets use international famous GORE-TEX fabric. Good ventilation, hot days and cold weather, the body needs to maintain proper ventilation, especially in wet conditions, waterproof and breathable coexist. Shedding is a laminated fabric Strip, blistering on the fabric and so on. If you fall off, waterproof layer of fabric on the separation, the fabric is no longer with waterproof function. The fabric anti Jackets performance anti-shedding fabric proved its technological content.