For Minnesota, I think bring back the Kicks name is a bad idea. We (in MN) have had continuous pro soccer for the last 23 or 24 years (I forget which); all under other names. The longest period was as the Minnesota Thunder, but that team was run into the ground by a con man - who fled the country without paying the players or staff. Local entities supported follow on teams under the Stars banner (the Thunder name was held up in litigation). Now that MN United FC has real owners, their branding is solid.

Check out the MN United website, and I think most would agree that the logo, uniforms, brand are good. (For the record, the nickname is the Loons - and the jersey and logo depict a loon - the work of Zeus Jones). Even though the Kicks had a season with avg attendance above 30k (second only to the Cosmos), most MN soccer fans identify more with the Thunder/Stars and now the Loons. And with ownership investing in the team and the brand, I think the Loons will only get better.

No reason to bring back the Kicks.