After a weekend of all star festivities, the flyers hosted the winnipeg jets in a good face-off. A team the flyers have struggled to beat in recent years. Without stars Briere, JVR, and Lilja, the flyers started the game with their 4th line, a normal occurrence from coach Laviolette. After no shots occurring in the first 9 or so minutes, the jets finally got one that was snagged by Bryzgalov. On an first period penalty by Chris Thorburn, Brayden Schenn netted his 4th of the season by squeezing one past Pavelec. Then Thornburn got his revenge in the 2nd period by sniping Bryz top shelf. After good goaltending from both teams and a stellar performance in the shootout, we are left to wonder. Was it good goaltending or lack of execution that lead to the flyers loss. Obviously, Pavelec is a huge goalie and takes up a lot of that net, and made some amazing saves on hartnell, mezaros in overtime, and courtier. As well as shutting down all three in the shootout. However, the flyers were not playing the flyer style that they should be playing. While many of our key players are out, the flyers should be playing a crash the net type of game, not our typical dump and chase style. As schenns goal showed, Pavelec would give up nasty rebounds if the puck was put on net, and had trouble covering the low shots. As the fans were screaming in the stands "shoot!" many players continued to hesitate, to mention one Giroux. Yes I love him and he is an all star, but the fact that he believes he is snake bitten since he hasn't scored in a while isn't helping his game. He needs to put the puck on net instead of making the dangle and pass. He has one of the nastiest shots and the rebounds will find someone in front. While the goaltending was great by both teams, and lack of execution hurt the flyers. The boys gave a good effort and got a point out of it. The rangers fell to the devils, and the bruins won on a fluke just like the pens. So the playoff hopes are still alive and the team will pull it together. Last night should have been a good confidence booster for Bryz and some of our younger players. With a couple months left, the flyers need to get back to a shooting game instead of this hot shot game they tried against the Jets.