The Flyers host Nashville tonight in a match of two of the best teams in the league. Here are my keys to an orange victory. 1) No shot is a bad shot- Pekka Rinne is a solid goalie, and the flyers have gotten into a more hot shot type of game recently looking for the perfect play. If they want to have success just shoot the puck, garbage goals count just as much as the pretty goals. Putting the puck on net will always lead to good things. 2) Hustle- the all-star break is over, now it's time to work. Last game there was hustle but aso some lax towards the end. Keep your feet moving and they will tire out. 3) Play the puck, not the body- Sesito and Shelley can handle the physical game but the other 10 forwards need to get to that puck. Nashville is a physical team, but getting to the puck is more important in this matchup. 4) No easy goals- With only four truly solid and veteran defensemen, the flyers need to tighten up the blue line and not give the Preds any room to get a garbage goal, which our goalies are prone to giving up. The Preds don't have any amazing shooters out there but they win games because they get to the loose pucks. Our defense has to get to them and cover up the garbage. If the boys can do these things, the flyers can easily route the Preds tonight and get 2 needed points