Michael DeNicola


per Tim Panaccio, CSNPhilly.com


So I know what everyone's thinking; "Way to go, Holmgren! You traded our beloved Simon Gagne away for this waste of meat?"

Well....some of you may be thinking that.

And to that I say, "Please let the EXIT door smack you in the back of the head on the way out. Thank you."


It's true that newcomer defenseman, Matt Walker, will need to undergo hip surgery and may miss 10-12 weeks, but Homer isn't placing him on Long-Term Injury Reserve (LTIR) next to net tender Michael Leighton.

The medical terms used for the surgery are "to repair a torn labrum in his right hip, as well as a boney impingement".

"Boney impingement"? Sounds like someone's describing Woody Allen on the grounds of an orphanage, HEYOOOOOOO!


But in all seriousness; this is unfortunate for the depth of our blue line no matter how much you disagree with - and want to involve - the whole Gagne trade debacle. I hate to keep bringing that up, but it seems as though every time Walker's name surfaces there's one dumb schmuck dressed in Flyers gear who is quick to belt out something about Simon Gagne and how he should of never been traded.

Could our cap issues been dealt with differently in the past so that Gagne played here in Philadelphia on his last year of his contract? Sure. And I could have six pack abs if I did 1,000 crunches a day and put the beer down.

But shit happens.

The main objective was to dump Simon's salary and get under the cap before the start of the season. Everything else involved - including acquiring Walker - was a must so that the deal could go down, and Gagne waive his no-trade clause.

Your love, my love, this city's love for Gagne will always be strong, and he'll always have a home here, but business is business. And the Philadelphia Flyers is ultimately a business.


I mention ALL of this because we cannot view this unfortunate Walker injury as a "bust". But it is a setback.

Have I cursed his name and called him a bum (among many other derogatory terms)? In all honesty....you bet your ass. But it had NOTHING to do with me being all butthurt over Gagne wearing a different sweater.