Here I sit steaming over the flyers recent loss to the New Jersey Devils 4-2. I was sitting in the Philadelphia Flyers fan page during last nights game and while in there it became oh so apparent to me that the majority of the "Fans" in there are not fans at all. 80% or more of the "trolls" in there are there simply to insult and put down the team they supposidly support or are "Fans" of.

  I consider myself a fan of the sport and most of all a "Fan" of the Philadephia Flyers. I've lived in three different markets begining with my place of birth, Boston. I grew up watching the likes of Bobby Orr, Rick Middleton, Bobby Clarke etc. etc.... I moved to Florida where I lived for 13 years following an expansion team started by a guy named Phil Espisito. This team was called the "Tampa Bay Lightning" and boasted players like Steve Kasper and (I'm drawing a blank here). Nonetheless it was Hockey! Yes! hockey in Florida! Went to a few games at a barn called the Tampa State Fairgrounds. A player I came to appreciate flipped me off at a game there one night. He played for Detroit at the time and his first name was Keith. Soon he was playing for the Flyers and I moved to South Jersey where I will stay and retire. So now I am a "Fan" of the Philadelphia flyers, a team rooted in history, pride and rough play. I love them!!

   So It ends up here, my critique of Flyer "Fans". The "Fans" of the Flyers are one strange breed for sure. They seem to increase in numbers sometime around November and December. Strangely coinciding with the elimination of the Philadephia Eagles from competition. The better or worse the Flyers play the more the "Fans" appear. These "Fans" become coaches and GM's of the team and soon they are demanding trades and benchings along with bringing back dead players to fill the voids they feel are there and would totally fix the teams problems.

   Maybe I'm just old or it's because I've played, but somehow I realize that the players on this team don't come to a game to intentionally lose. They do not intentionally shoot High and wide or cough up the puck at the blue line.

   I won't sit on a "Fan" page and complain that my team has no heart or state that they suck and they should be traded. Not 3 minutes after a dispute over Jeff Carter last night, he scores. These Bandwagon fans need to get lives. They know everything about nothing when it comes to the game yet they call for this guys head and trade him, bench him, bla bla bla the list goes on and on.

   I've Loved and appreciated the Philadelphia Flyers since their inception. These guys work and play hard to get to the level they are at. I agree that something is wrong with this team. Not it's players but the team as a whole. I still have faith and will to the bitter or sweet ending to the season. GO FLYERS!!