Michael DeNicola




According to Flyersguru's Twitter account Daniel Carcillo is being shopped around and 3-unnamed teams may be interested.

That's it.

That's all that has been reported.


Since acquiring Mr. Carcillo's services in the 2008-2009 season, and as of today, he's racked up 12 goals, 10 assists, a 0 +/- on the ice and 294 PIMs for the Philadelphia Flyers.

This season he's only gotten four starts and spent the other 5 on the scratch list.

I've searched all over for confirmation, interviews from Peter Laviolette, ANYTHING that could give me more information about this potential move but cannot find it.


As you plainly noticed....I love Dan Carcillo. I think he's a goddamn animal on the ice who demands the opposing talent to keep their head on a swivel and a third eye open for him.

But it's hit or miss with Carbomb. You either hate him or love him, however recently it's been more of the former.

Flyers 4th liner Andreas Nodl's been given the starts over Carcillo this season while Danny Boy sips Budweiser from a press box. Nodl's looked solid and ready to be a contending NHLer, I admit. If this team is better off and capable of finishing with a better record without Carcillo, and Nodl starting, then so be it.

Overall, I root for the crest on the sweater. Not the nameplate on the back.

Nevertheless, I have enjoyed watching - and being entertained by - Carcillo since I attended his first home game as a Flyer, and sat only a row behind the penalty box which he so quickly occupied.

Carcillo could make a drunken sailor perform the signs of The Cross on his person with the stream of obscenities that come lashing out of his mouth. I heard every word and I just kept looking over at the other box yelling, "OOOOOH SHIT!"

I was asked to quiet down, of course.

But once Dan calmed down and took his seat to serve his time....out of nowhere, like some friggin puck bunny I scream, "PHILLY LOVES YA, DANNAAAAY!!!"

He turns, spits water, smiles with that vacant gap in the middle of his mouth and replies, "I love you guys, too!" So what do I do? I nudge the poor bastard next to me...

"Did ya hear that?", I ask as he gives me a gaze, begging me to just shut the hell up.


And ever since then I've been a #13 fan through and through.

This news upsets me, but I understand it. I understand that every time Carcillo's skates hit the ice Flyers fans are waiting another minor penalty and the PK to stroll out to our zone. I understand why people love to hate him.

I guess Dan's like that cool, older step-brother who keeps getting in trouble with the law. You wouldn't trust him in your house, alone, full of expensive electronics. But you wouldn't hesitate a second to go grab a beer with him if he asked....hoping some drunk unfortunate soul made a wise crack about his mother and he wound up throwing the son of a bitch through the mirror behind the bar.



It's been fun, Carbomb. It sucks that you have all these butthurt Flyers fans still blaming you for that Upshall trade 2.5 seasons ago. It sucks that there isn't enough time that this Philadelphia program can invest trying to progress your roots as a player.

I'm not saying goodbye now since nothing's even happened yet, but....from the words from a Carcillo hating friend of mine...

"Who you kiddin? He's gone."