The Florida Gators underwent a coaching change when wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Aubrey Hill resigned unexpectedly. 

Hill resigned for "personal reasons" but he has been recently linked to a prominent University of Miami booster who provided illegal benefits to numerous athletes. The possibility that Hill resigned due to this situation is very likely. Head coach Will Muschamp said that Hill mentioned he didn't want to be a distraction and thought it was best for him to move on. 

Hill's resignation left a void in the coaching staff but for only a short time. Muschamp promoted from within by announcing that graduate assistant Bush Hamdan would be promoted to the vacant wide receivers coaching position. Hamdan, a backup quarterback for offensive coordinator Brent Pease at Bosie State, spent time at Colorado and last season and an offensive graduate assistant at the University of Maryland. 

The familiarity of Hamdan with Pease's offense certainly gave him an advantage to being promoted. 

Will Muschamp was asked about the title of recruiting coordinator now that Hill is no longer there and Muschamp responded, "That title don’t mean a whole lot to me. I’m the recruiting coordinator. I handle all of that. I recruit every player we have."

Coach Muschamp is confident recruiting won't be left behind. 

He's right. Florida is currently ranked number four in the Top 25 team recruiting rankings for 2013.