Wilmer 'sure' he can play shortstop

In report from Adam Rubin, Flores was asked about his ability to play SS again.

"Sure. I played there for four years," the 22-year-old Flores said. "It's not going to be a new position. I'm sure I can play." 

So what do we think?  We know that Collins and Alderson both have alluded to him getting a shot this spring to see what he can do.  Assuming the Mets do not sign Drew the options that remain are repulsive to say the least.  I have never been a huge Tejada fan but the 2012 one is serviceable, however only if the attitude has improved.  No we are not in the clubhouse so we don't know the entire story but there's enough there to know that something wasn't right. 

If Flores really does have the potential of say a .290, 15, 70 RBI bat, can the Mets afford to not give him the shot at SS?  Either way what does it hurt?  Start him at SS and bring in Tejada as a defensive replacement late.  If he hits well enough to warrant staying in the position, then so be it.  If he doesn't and it is a no doubter that he can't stick there defensively, what have you lost?