Hello Oiler fans or Hockey loves , Today I will be talking about my lines for this years Edmonton Oilers 2011-2012 season. Starting of with my Oiler prediction Lines!.


Line Predictions : Hall-Horcoff-Eberle




I Really Think These are solid Lines .  

First Line - Well Horcoff does really well with hall and eberle has their veteran captain and center ,I mean before he was injured he was not so bad with these starting rookies , untill he got injured of course .

Second Line- Well alot of people want a Smyth-Horcoff-Hemsky line , I say no because I really think Gagner can take Horcoff spot and get aleast 40-50 points if Hemsky is not injured this year , I am SO stoked Smyth is back though it's good to see him in Copper N Blue :) .

Third Line- This will be Interesting to see how Belanger does with Paajarvi and Omark , Great PK-PP guy who can win faceoffs (Which we needed ). I think this line will be a line to watch... Paajarvi is more of your Speedy LW , while Omark likes to fazzle dazzle and make some neat playmaking goals,This line will be a line to watch like I said!.


4th Line-This line has ALOT of power Between Jones and Eager ... and Brule who wasn't that great last season do too injures but you think about it he's be great on faceoffs and needs some wingers with size right behind him , on to the wingers  Eager was a neat pickup alot of people say he's a goon-trash talker -dirty hater. Well I think the Oilers need those type of players who need to be MEAN and play dirty , On to Ryan Jones he is a bottom 6th foward who can make you say *he is the HARDEST working guy out their* I mean when this guy step's on the ice he's working his butt off to score or make plays.




#1 Whitney-Gilbert - Gilbert plays better with Whitney because Whitney covers up all Gilbert's mistakes ,Gilbert will be Interesting to watch if we get a good full season with Whitney.

#2 Smid-Barker-Barker a new addition to the team , Didn't really work at with CHI and MINN ,The 3rd overall pick in 2004 needs a new fresh start . All Oiler fans think he can have a BREAKOUT year we will see.. for Smid , I like Laddy.. He's a good 3-4th dman for your team.


Sutton-Peckham- LOOK OUT FOLKS this will be a dangerous hitting Combo between Peckham and Sutton... Sutton was a nice pickup we need some BIG dman on are back end.. nice work Tambellini.



Khabibulin - I know alot of people say hey why him for starter he's crap ! , I really think all that jail time gone from his mind Renney think's The Bulin Wall can bounce back and start making some Wins for the Oilers , I wait to see if Renney is right or wrong.

Dubynk- THE FUTURE #1 GOALIE FOR THE OILERS! , People say  Do I agree?  Yes because Dubynk is a solid goalie last year he had no defense helping him out that caused him to get scored on.. but other then that... He was making some AWESOME saves.


Prediction for the Oilers this Season? 12-8th  Spot  .. This will be a Hard Western Conference ..but their are a Future team to win stanley cups and watch.