People who like to feign illness of themselves and others suffer from a serious problem called Munchausen syndrome. They are a danger to themselves and to their families. This condition is very rare and only happens in about 1000 people per year as far as the best reports are concerned. There have been numerous Munchausen syndrome cases reported, however pinpointing the disorder is rather difficult.

Sufferers are usually young or middle aged and may have experienced emotional, physical and sexual abuse while growing up. These people usually have a dire need to go to hospital or to have hospital procedures done, irrespective of the pain they have to endure or put their families through. They generally suffer a personality disorder, and many of them are care givers to children.

Sometimes sufferers from this condition will even tamper with blood or urinary samples so that it looks like there is something wrong. All this while they know there is nothing wrong at all. Such people will even inject toxins so that they appear in blood samples.

Munchausen by proxy sufferers will go to great lengths to make their children appear to have some sickness when they actually do not. They will rush their child off to the doctor claiming illness. The doctor then prescribes something and sends the child home but they just do not seem to get better. The care giver will then return with the child complaining of the exact same symptoms.

In some cases sufferers of this illness will take their children to far off doctors to have the supposed illness treated, only for the doctors to find that the child gets sick with the same thing a week or two later. These people will present the doctor with textbook findings and will know all there is to know about the disease which they are claiming. They will understand all the tests that need to be done and will agree to have them done on the child.

In one such case a child was brought in for sever urinary tract infection. She was hospitalized 12 times and put on 8 antibiotics without apparently getting better. The mother just kept bringing her back. The doctors were baffled. They just could not get the child better.

People who have this condition seem to lap up the attention they get from others. They simply love the sympathy they get when people feel sorry for them after having to look after a sick child. They just cannot seem to get enough attention pertaining to this apparent problem.

One doctor had the wherewithal to put cameras up in order to see what was going on with his patients and caught a parent tampering with equipment and then even suffocating the child to death. He was arrested and charged with murder. There are many Munchausen syndrome cases reported, however not enough. Many people suffer from this disorder and need to seek medial help as soon as possible. If you think you know of someone who may be suffering from this illness then need to speak to a doctor right away.

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