Back on August 30th, 2013, I had the honor to have interviewed UFC fighter Alessio Sakara. In the interview with Alessio Sakara we talk about all aspects on how he got involved with mixed martial arts. The interview also goes as deep as his thoughts in his mixed martial arts debut. Enjoy my interview with middleweight competitor Alessio Sakara.


Justin Godsey: How did you first get involved in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts?

Alessio Sakara: Was a pro boxer a good friend of mine show me a UFC tape will fall in love immediately and my focus was be part of this amazing sport.


Justin Godsey: Growing up you played soccer as well as training in boxing. Did you ever consider about going down the road of being a pro soccer player? 

Alessio Sakara: No I think fighting sport is more real more honest.


Justin Godsey: When did you first discover the UFC and what fight got you hooked?

Alessio Sakara: Like I said before a friend of mine show me a tape, I saw a tournament. Don Frye win was a very inspiration.


Justin Godsey: What mixed martial arts fighters did you look up to and why?

Alessio Sakara: Don Frye at the beginning after I start to train with Nougeira bros was amazing  super professional and humble champions.


Justin Godsey: You made your professional MMA debut in the Summer of 2000. You defeated Di Clementi. Did you feel confident that you could make the UFC roster in the future?

Alessio Sakara: Don’t know in my first pro bout but was a dreaming came true.


Justin Godsey: Before making a deep push at the UFC you had a background in Pro Boxing. Tell us about your boxing career?

Alessio Sakara: I love striking was my first passion I have a 8-1 record in boxing and a lot of amateur fights.


Justin Godsey: In 2005 you got the call you have been waiting for, for a while and that was the front offices of the UFC offering you a contract. How did it feel about signing on the dotted line and joining the UFC roster? 

Alessio Sakara: I dream came true a honor is very difficult to explain by word.


Justin Godsey: What was going through your mind pre-fight and post-fight at your UFC debut against Ron Faircloth?

Alessio Sakara: I wanna make an impact so goes really hard UFC debut is just one time in life.


Justin Godsey: You have had some epic fights in your UFC career. What is your favorite fight that you always look back upon and say that is my favorite fight of my UFC career? 

Alessio Sakara: Patrick Cote nobody knock him down I do it everybody thinking that he beat me badly and I do different.


Justin Godsey: You are scheduled to fight Tom Watson in the United Kingdom on October 26th. Would you say that this is the biggest fight of your career? 

Alessio Sakara: A fight is a fight in UFC top-level competition I respect a lot this fighter heart of lion and iron chin we will see I want to make my country proud of me.


Justin Godsey: When you look at Tom Watson’s game what is your biggest focus vs Watson? 

Alessio Sakara: I love to stand and bang no secret.


Justin Godsey: For the younger generation of fighters wanting to make a career in MMA, What advice can you give to them who are wanting to pursue a professional career?

Alessio Sakara: Be humble study a lot be professional.


Justin Godsey: You are on Social Media, Where can the fans reach out to you? 

Alessio Sakara: My website my official Facebook page and on Twitter @sakaralegio.


Justin Godsey: Thank you for your time! 

Alessio Sakara: Thank you guys all the best.