I must be in a bad mood tonight. This will be 2 straight posts where I just let loose on what is bugging me. I can't stand hearing about the Celtics window of opportunity anymore. It is getting so overused and it just gives people something to talk about until the Celtics march to Game 7 of the NBA Finals.

I'm one of those guys who wants to live for what is going on right now. I don't give a hoot about what the Celtics are going to look like next year.. If they will be too old next year. Or if because of how they have a bunch of old players now, they will just be a team looking to rebuild in 2 years. WHO CARES.

Who they are right now is a team that is able to contend. Live out what is occuring right now and stop looking into the future. After the 2008-09 season did people look in their crystal ball and say, "In 2010-11 the Boston Celtics would have a team that was ready to contend for an NBA Championship?" Nooooo. In that year, after KG's injury, the window was "closed" and they had no wiggle room to get better.

Ahhh but why? Why do we keep bringing back the same core guys? Because they are good thats why. Because they have chemistry that no other team in this league has. Enough banking on what all this means for what the team will look like in 2 years. Everyone was wrong in 08-09 so what makes anyone think those same people will be right this time around?

There is no "window". A different group of guys come in every preseason. And every preseason we see guys who would start on other teams coming off our bench. A complete team goes to the NBA Finals, not The Big 3.