When they have a child away at school, parents may feel helpless to help their son or daughter do well in classes and in life away from home in general. While they may visit once in awhile or send money when their child needs it, parents still may wonder what they can do to encourage their son or daughter from afar. Many parents ease their children's burden by sending out college student care packages full of things that students need or want.

Being university students, most people at school love getting candy from home. Buying candy on a student's budget can be expensive. Rather than use all of their available cash, students may ask their moms and dads for their favorite sweets. Receiving these treats in a package from home can brighten a student's mood during finals weeks or even during mid-semester when many pupils suffer burn out and stress.

The same enjoyment can be had from receiving their favorite foods. When students cannot get away from studying to go to the cafeteria to eat, they may appreciate having canned soup and other foods that can be microwaved in their dorm rooms. A mom and dad may ease their child's dietary stress by including these foods in the box they send out to their son or daughter.

While many students keep their music and reading preferences to themselves, those who share this information might get the added surprise of CDs or books in their box. Moms and dads who are privy to their kids' likes can buy music and reading selections to be used as a reward for their children's efforts. Students may also use these tokens as respites while studying.

Letters of encouragement and affection from their loved ones also helps people get through mid-terms and finals. Sometimes people away from their homes feel like they have been left alone to cope with university life. They may not realize that people at home want them to do well. Pupils can learn of their loved ones' support when they receive letters and cards in a package.

In addition to cards and letters, children at university often learn of loved ones' support when they receive monetary gifts. Parents may send out gift cards and money that can be used to help people buy school supplies, clothing, and food during their semesters. Many students live on very limited budgets and value monetary gifts.

As their semester nears its end, students may wonder how they are going to get back home. Sometimes they may not have enough money to buy gas for their car or buy a plane ticket to go home. Their worries can be eased when their moms or dads send out money for this purpose. Once they know they can go back to their hometown, students often feel like they can finish their semester without worrying about this detail.

Any number of items can be included in college student care packages. Kids away at school appreciate things like their favorite foods, snacks, and candy. They also appreciate money that can be used to buy what they need while they are away at school.

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