While his career with the Phillies was short, just lasting two years, Aaron Rowand won the hearts of Philly fans everywhere when on May 11th 2006 he made one of the most amazing catches in baseball history. With young Gavin Floyd on the mound for the Phils and the bases loaded, Rowand went back on the dead run to make the Willie Mays style catch, and slam face first into the fence in center field and held on to the baseball. Rowand broke his nose and in an interview after the game made everybody fall in love with the former Chicago White Sox center fielder. "For who? My teammates For what? To win"The Phillies went on to win the game 2-0 on a Chase Utley home run as rain shortened the game to 5 innings.

Rowand exemplified everything Philly fans want in a player with that play and how he played for the rest of that season and 2007. While he wasn't apart of the 2008 World Series champs team, Rowand provided solid years here and had his best when he helped lead the incredible comeback by the Phils in 07 to get them into the playoffs for the first time since 1993.

Rowand is now with the newly named Miami Marlins after being signed to a minor league deal this off season. Previously, Rowand spent time with the San Francisco Giants where he won his second World Series. Personally, I would've loved if we signed Rowand this off season, he's a good character guy who knows what it takes to win games and would've been a solid presence off the bench. Best of luck to him in Miami and considering the fact he's a former Phillie, I have a feeling we'll be seeing him at least once this year.

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