In the front part of the anti-UV coating, our discussion to the ultraviolet radiation. UV radiation is an issue of universal concern, at the same time; we also need to consider some of the other more specific health problems. For example, if your eyes are very sensitive to light, you will want to use sunglasses that filter out part of the visible light. In addition to providing UV protection cheap oakley sunglasses also provide the infrared radiation protection.

Sunglasses as well as safety equipment play a huge role. By reducing glare, sunglasses so you can more clearly see the surrounding environment. You may have noticed that most of the Highway Patrol to wear sunglasses, sunglasses can help they will be focusing our attention on an object, such as passing car at speeds of 121 kilometers per hour, without the need for squinting.

Performance and perception

Some sunglasses equipped with a specific filter, to reduce glare, increase contrast, and can even increase the depth perception. This makes them ideal for certain sports, such as beach volleyball, or suitable for specific occupations, such as the Highway Patrol. Through filter out harmful radiation, sunglasses can help you extend the time of outdoor sports, without being affected by some of the negative effects. Dedicated fishing polarized discount oakley sunglasses and Italy, because they are polarized lenses eliminate the glare of the water issue. So the angler can more easily see the depths of the water, and also easier to find the whereabouts of erratic fish.

Select for your character

The key is to choose the ideal sunglasses for your specific use of the environment, select the appropriate characteristics. The following are the most important characteristics you need to compare when purchasing sunglasses:

Lens material - There are many types of production material of the lens. CR-39 plastic, is made of a hard resin to meet the optical quality standards. Polycarbonate is a synthetic plastics material, it has a good strength and very light. Lenses made from this material will be more compact and better anti-impact properties. Relatively heavy glass lenses, but there is a better anti-scratch performance. There are some other materials developed by specific manufacturers, such as Oakley's Plutonite plastic.

The quality of the lens - polycarbonate or glass lens optical quality standards to avoid distortion, such as tainted and distorted, also evenly coated with a coloring substance. There is a simple way to determine the quality of the merits of the sunglass lenses. Find repeating lines of the surface, such as a tile floor. Handheld sunglasses, a short distance from the face, and then cover one eye. The sunglasses slowly move around, and then moved up and down to observe those lines, at the same time through one lens. You should see the lines always straight. If lines any swing and distorted, the lens does not comply with the optical properties, and make your visual distortion. Cheap sunglasses, distortion are a very common problem.

The lenses color depth - you buy cheap oakleys sunglasses intended use determines the depth of the color of the lens. To participate in some outdoor sports such as mountain climbing and skiing, you will want lenses filter out most of the light color. (In fact, you can buy sunglasses can filter out 97% of light.) For general purposes, such as visiting the beach or driving, you can choose to absorb or filter out 70% to 90% light sunglasses. Because only slight protection, filter rate lower than 60% of the sunglasses for fashion dress