I have always liked to dress themselves, from hair, clothing, shoes accessories ... ... Always the myriads of changes, don't like repeated wearing so every day will change, always enjoy it.I never thought that I would learn and fashion is all about,  the character design. In fact, quite general, a pronoun, in short, hair design, makeup and clothing collocation. 
I love all beautiful things, fashion is broadly defined, is not only a taste in clothes. Also includes aself-cultivation, taste of life, inner quality etc..I am a very strong person to accept the popular things, constantly updated to fashion theirown needs, but not blindly follow the trend, fashion is just a moment, transient, and all about fashion, I very much agree with the view is popular perishable, style is eternal! 
Should be in an up-to-date fashion information but also find their own style, to create their own exclusive temperament.The pursuit of fashion is an "art ". Imitation, conformity is the "primary stage ", but it should be perfect realm from a batch fashion trend boils, extracting its essence and meaning, to enrich their own aesthetic taste, to create exclusive own beautiful " template ". 
The pursuit of fashion is not the passive follow but that reason and skilled control.Estee Lauder lady has said: " everyone is looking forward to life and luxury. " But before we do everything in one's power within the scope of the pursuit of the most suitable for their own dress and lifestyle is one of the most unusual

Luxury even luxurious but need can control her, not wearing a lot of jewelry made of fashion, is important for creativity, is the pursuit of the concept of fashion. 
I think fashion is able to master the civilian stuff with luxury good fusion mix, wear a different style.Of course, is confident that every woman should have more transformation conditions, when those with famous brand dress like accessories, all luxury goods could not find any sense of belonging, so besides money measure, they have lost its original meaning, to live up to the designer to create China, failed to live up to them many tedious process, but failed to appreciate their people. Therefore, confidence is also very important, when the parity of the brand you without shame outgoing cards charm, there is nothing to complain about you?all related edge figures have an impact on the fashion industry, and we cannot understand them behind the hard and tough, but present all proved them to be paid, so these are my biggest dream and goal.

When the prevalence of all is swept across and come, what we see is a style or age.
Fashion is a kind of pursuit, an attitude ... ...