July 20th        Race #13

One of our partners, Scripture held the first Motor Racing Camp at Sunset Speedway last week and followed the week off by sponsoring Family Faith Night.

The weather was beautiful and lots of people were on hand to watch some very exciting races. After the warm ups I went to the VIP area to talk to the guests of Scripture Union and Open Doors to talk about racing and my faith.  My son David drove our car out on the track for display for those in the VIP.  I also had an opportunity to sign autographs and meet all the guests. 

 It’s always a good feeling to race hard and do well in front of your fans, but even more when sponsors make it to an event.  It wasn’t the case for us on this night as we were roughed in both races.  We were body slammed in the first race, not once but twice, and then in the second we were spun out early, but that was mild compared to the impact when #00 spun in front of us, taking out our radiator. 

The good news was our suspension was not hit although we lost the rad and had some serious cosmetic damage to deal with.   Our crew worked hard to get us out for the feature race.  David lead the way, and all the crew, Bob and Matt, with our Open Doors sponsor, Paul helping out and Scripture Union President Lawson watching our progress. 

While my crew worked hard I was interviewed in front of the grandstands by announcer Spencer Lewis regarding our Quaker State 40th Anniversary, Family Faith Night and our season in general. When I returned our car was ready.

Quaker State Mini Stock Continues Great Performances

While Grandpa was busy getting in trouble on the track, Grandson Gehrig was racing hard picking up a 3rd and 4th in both of his heat races.

In the feature Gehrig started 12th and worked hard through the field.  He moved up to 6th but lost a spot to one of the quicker 4 cylinders.  His awesome feature performance moved him into fourth in the point standings. 

Points After Saturday Night



Warren Paxton




Ben Melenhorst




Eric Yorke




Gehrig Halliday




Terry Woodley



Late Model Returned To Race…We Pass 9 Cars To Finish 13th

The hard work from our crew allowed us to get back on the track and continue our push for a top 10 in the very competitive field of Late Models at Sunset Speedway.  There were 22 cars.  We started 22nd and almost immediately made a quick stop to adjust the chassis that was not set up for the feature because of the time needed to get the car ready so it could start the show.

In the final laps we got into a battle with these two cars for 11th place.  We would close the gap but not gain another position.  Our car survived the feature, no hood and no front end body parts.  It was a good run for us, and I am very thankful to my crew for getting the car ready and making the timely adjustment.

Next week we race our Vintage Mod & Outlaw Modified on Friday night at Delaware Speedway and the Outlaw Again On Saturday At Sunset Speedway

Dave Hodgkinson has generously offered me a ride in his #65 Outlaw Pro 4 Modified.  I will drive it both Friday and Saturday night.  He has offered to change the number to #36 and put some of our sponsor names on the car.  Thanks Dave. 

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