Lovely Queenslander houses typically made of Timber Brisbane shows why these picturesque homes are still considered masterpieces. These buildings have stood the test of time and though very few remain, one could see the pictures in albums and in movies. Today however, the raw material wood is fast being replaced by many synthetic materials and recycled materials.

Brisbane is more popular because it is the capital of Queensland. It is also one of the third highest in population among the cities in Australia. Everyone wants a house, which is different and is structurally sound. It is not uncommon to see wooden porches in Brisbane. These add beauty and help weather the rough conditions of the salt and sands.

To find the entire range of Timber Brisbane presents, one should study the types of trees that are present there. Gum tree, coral tree, white tamarind, Moreton Bay Ash tree, pine wood tree, oak and conifers form the majority of trees in Australia. Salt, sand and seawater are not the ideal conditions for the growth of plants. However, there are gum trees and red Ironbark.

In the early days for the houses built of Timber Brisbane had to spend a lot in terms of protection form pests like termites and bugs. Many articles are made of wood because they handle well and last really long. The wood is called lumber when it is in its raw form. Individual timber vary a lot according the hardness, the nature of the wood, such as the knots and grains as also with the species and age of the tree is made from.

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When you want the best Timber companies you will have a wide range of choices. For many of the different kinds of joists made of Timber Brisbane is good place to find the companies that manufacture them. Different kinds of prefabricated pieces are made and used in construction.

Wood is of different qualities. The finishing of the wood shows us what purpose it is going to be used for. Rough woods will usually be re-cut and used for making smaller objects. Hardwoods are used for wearing surfaces like floors. Usually wood will be worked over once it reaches the place where it is going to be used.

The standard sizes used in dimensional timber are 2x 6, 2x 4 and 4x4 though there are many different sizes available. Thus, the lengths may vary up to 12'. For wall framing, precut pieces of wood measuring to an exact dimension usually 92 5/8" 104 5/8" and 116 5/8" are used for walls of heights 8' to 10 ' in height. These are called studs and one should be careful to mention the exact dimensions when referring to studs.

You would find floors of houses made of Timber Brisbane depending on the robustness of hardwood to add to the strength of the houses. There is a good demand for wood for constructing the decks of boats too. Softwoods come in handy for making the smaller objects, which are used in the house. These do not take up too much load and hence are comfortable to handle.