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I wrote an article a couple of days ago titled 'Hypocrisy in criticism over Pacquiao vs. Mosley'. In the article, I questioned writers such as Yahoo!'s Kevin Iole who encourage fans to boycott the fight by not buying it and flat-out called the match-up "absolute garbage". Iole's response to my article via Twitter was short but sweet:  

"I could care less about idiots like him. @Itsdsourcebaby is a fan boy not a journalist. He's a joke."

Since Iole called me an idiot, a fan boy (whatever that means) and a joke, allow me to be the idiot, fan boy (whatever that means) and joke that comes back with facts rather than childish name-calling.

Here are the facts aided by links:

Kevin Iole is blasting Pacquiao for choosing Mosley as his next opponent because in his opinion, it's an absolute "garbage fight" pointing out Mosley's age and diminished skills. For the record, in my article I said "Hell no!" twice at the thought that Pacquiao-Mosley is a great fight and that it's the best available fight out there. What I was critical about is the hypocrisy of the messenger in Kevin Iole. Why? Check this out.

After Mayweather defeated Mosley back in May, here's what Iole was telling boxing fans who were saying Mosley was 'shot' and old.

"First off, Mosley does not have a rematch clause. Mayweather had one if he’d lost, but Mosley did not. The factors that made Mosley look bad weren’t his age, or his layoff, or making weight. It was the man who was fighting him who was far better and who made him look bad. No one was saying before the fight that the layoff was an issue, though Mosley and trainer Naazim Richardson were asked repeatedly about its impact. And they didn’t bring it up after the fight. Mosley was simply beaten by a better man."

He and his gang of veteran writers even lauded Mayweather's accomplishment so much to make him Yahoo!'s #1 Pound-for-Pound fighter after that fight. Honestly, I do not have a problem with that. If that's their opinion, so be it. Mayweather is a tremendous fighter that is worthy of such praise. 

But now Iole is singing a different tune. All of a sudden he is saying Mosley is worse than chopped liver and that it's a crime for Pacquiao, who is smaller than both Mayweather and Mosley, to choose him as his next opponent. Hold up, I'm confused. So if Mosley is such garbage, then why did you think Mayweather's win over him was more significant than Pacquiao beating bigger opponents like Joshua Clottey and Miguel Cotto? Okay, this is when Iole would jump in and point at me as a fan boy (whatever that means). It's easier and more convenient to hurl insults and call people names than address facts. Yea I'm Filipino and I'm writing positive stories about Pacquiao, but guess what? Who isn't? Pacquiao earned it. And whatever I write about Pacquiao are backed by FACTS. Besides, I criticize Pacquiao as well when I feel the need to, like when he asked for catchweights against Margarito and Cotto. And even when I've been critical of Floyd Mayweather Jr. for his crazy antics, I blasted the crusade of some Pacquiao fans that wanted to boycott the Mayweather-Mosley fight, because in my opinion, boxing needs all the big fights it can get and all the support from fans everywhere in the world. There's no need for Mayweather fans boycotting Pacquiao fights and vice-versa. That's stupid.

Iole wrote "Viewers can send a message by not buying low-quality or uninteresting fights." after calling Pacquiao's fight against Mosley "pure garbage". Define "uninteresting" and "low-quality". Because last time I checked, this same Iole guy was leading the Mayweather cheerleading squad after he beat the much smaller Juan Manuel Marquez after he came in 3 pounds overweight on their agreed catchweight. Yes, Iole dubbed Mayweather as the best pound-for-pound fighter too after that performance. Again, no problem with that, that's the old guy's opinion, but the hypocrisy is killing me. So Mayweather-Marquez was a great fight but a potential Pacquiao vs. Mosley fight is garbage. SMH.

So at the end of the day, I consider Iole's response as nothing more than admission of guilt. You be the judge on who the real "fan boy" (whatever that means) is. The funny thing is, Iole's suggestion as a more competitive fight than Mosley is for Pacquiao to fight Juan Manuel Marquez. Really??? Wow. Okay, Marquez and Pacquiao have beef and that would make for a lot of drama, but COMPETITIVE? Pacquiao has been campaigning at welterweight, and blasting bigger guys. Pacquiao has dramatically improved since his last fight with Marquez, while Marquez on the other hand has aged. If Michael Katsidis put Marquez on his butt at 135, what do you think Pacquiao will do to Marquez at 147? At least Mosley has never been knocked out. Facts. 

As far as journalist, I do what I do. People can love it or hate it, but I back everything I write or say with facts. Iole doesn't know me personally, neither do I know him. For him to judge me as an idiot and whatever else he says just speak volumes of how narcissistic he is as evidenced in his writing style. A lot of people who follow my work compare it to a good friend of mine Michael Marley who happens to be a friend of Iole as well. Somehow Iole considers my work different from our fellow Examiner Marley, yet he considers 'The White Gorilla' a real journalist and me a fan boy (whatever that means). Perhaps it's because I'm Filipino.

I remember approaching Iole once when he was pointing out Pacquiao fans for racism and being obnoxious on Facebook. I told the guy that I too get vile comments from Filipino Pacquiao fans, but having knowledge of the culture, I told him that those who flood the internet and spread their idiocy should not be confused for the whole and that majority of them truly are sensible and true fans of the sport of boxing and not just Pacquiao. If anything, people on the internet can easily mimic other races and one person can send multiple hate mails to another person. A victim of such tirades, Iole insisted that Pacquiao fans are simply different in the way they are obnoxious. I quit trying to talk sense to the guy because he obviously wasn't hearing it. Maybe those stories about how fans treated athletes like Jackie Robinson and Jack Johnson are farce, and perhaps Lakers fans and Mayweather fans are all courteous and do not talk smack the way Pacquiao fans do. Or maybe Iole is simply in denial. Or perhaps Filipino boxing fans have already been stereotyped. Who knows?

On thing's for sure though, Iole can hurl all the insults and name-calling he wants at me, because at the end of the day, I'm just stating facts- like a real journalist should do. I don't need a big institution to back me to validate what I do nor do I need to hide under labels such as 'journalist' or 'veteran writer'. Bullshit can come from all kinds of sources. The facts speak for itself, I'm just documenting it.



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