Time away from the same routines opens doors to renewal. Villas on Casa Maguey, located on a small special stretch of island in the heart of Mexico's pacific 'Happy Coast', offers the gift of rejuvenation that lends a new lease on life. The warmth of the sun is tempered by tropical breezes over fine, golden sand that invites you, a hammock and a book for an afternoon of private bliss. Affordability lends the plethora of paradise's pleasures to the vision of a perfect vacation.

Casa Maguey resides in La Manzanilla's tiny, quaint fishing village of Mexico. Blessed with nearly perfect weather year round, courtesy of island breezes, a typical day sees the sun and temperatures between 75 to 85 degrees from November through March. Normally, higher humidity during the summer raises the temperature range to the upper 80's or low 90's.

Rise to a new day with the sound of gentle waves caressing the beach, while you sit on your private terrace with a steaming cup of java and consider the possibilities awaiting another perfect day in paradise. Laid back is embraced in surroundings that reflect the quaint Manzanilla 'Happy Coast' demeanor of tropical tranquility that captures the imagination of every guest.

Privacy, comfort and easy luxury is designed into the architectural aesthetics of distinctive villa living. Each private unit enjoys the quiet exclusivity of fifty feet of separate lush, tropical garden surroundings. A private entrance, lanai, and direct beach access offer the seclusion of your own secret hideaway.

Each residential villa is outfitted with today's conveniences intended to satisfy a relaxed attitude that renders a rejuvenating experience. A fully equipped kitchen, living room, dining area, bathroom and bedroom accommodate singles, honeymooners and couples. Larger groups are accommodated in villas designed with additional bedrooms and baths. Each villa includes appointed, secured parking for a car.

Luxury convenience is attended by exclusive, in-house professional massage therapists. The ultimate rejuvenation is nearby at a spa retreat. Interests in yoga, exercise, cooking, painting, Spanish or salsa/tango dancing are satiated in local classes. An on-staff host is available for the convenience of all guest needs.

Mexico's popular cuisine is served in local restaurants, as well as familiar entrees for your dining experience. The local culture presents select foreign films weekly as an option for your entertainment.

Rare, visual beauty inhabits Casa Maguey that offers a unique opportunity to observe wildlife and a tropical landscape. Exotic foliage, the pleasure of fragrant, brilliantly flowering trees and extraordinarily photogenic wildlife inhabit the tropical mangrove estuary of La Manzanilla. Mexico's picturesque sunsets qualify the show as the greatest on earth.

The ocean provides a limitless playground for surfers, swimmers, divers, skiers and all water enthusiasts. Tennis courts, a golf course, horseback riding and mountain biking offer land lovers equal opportunity for diverse sporting activities. For those who enjoy tour guided adventures, locals are available to host outings on land or by boat that create unforgettable memories.

The villas on Casa Maguey inspire 'the stuff dreams are made of' in the fulfillment of renewal that makes time away from home exhilarating. Privacy, comfort and convenience allow all guests to feel at home. The extraordinary spectacles of Mexico's vibrant abundance are incredible from a room with a view. One visit to this realm of affordable paradise is never enough.