Beau Blakenship currently plays running back for the Ohio Bobcats. At Ohio Beau has broken many records such as breaking Kalvin McRae’s single season rushing record during the 2012 College Football season. Beau is now a Junior at Ohio and has announced that he will be entering the 2013 NFL Draft following the 2013 College Football season.


Justin Godsey: Why do you think it is important to connect with the fans and where can we contact you ?

Beau Blankenship: Because it gives me an opportunity to thank the fans for supporting our team and for being loyal to bobcat nation. I’m real easy to get a hold of, most people either go through social media or by mail. 


Justin Godsey: Growing up who was idol ?

Beau Blankenship: Growing up and still today I look up to my parents. 


Justin Godsey: Who introduced you to the sport of football ?

Beau Blankenship: My dad introduced me and coached me at a young age. 


Justin Godsey: What was your favorite team growing up ?

Beau Blankenship: I never really had a favorite team growing up, I was always just a fan of specific players. 


Justin Godsey: What was youth football like growing up ?

Beau Blakenship: Youth football was amazing. My coaches were great, One of them was my dad and the other coach was Kenneth Sturgell. I learned everything from them. In 7 years I believe we only lost twice. 


Justin Godsey: Tell us about your High School football experience ?

Beau Blankenship: High school football was great. It was an experience I will never forget and I built some amazing friendships during those years. 


Justin Godsey: What is your most memorable moment playing High School football ?

Beau Blakenship: My most memorable moment was beating our rival Norman High In the playoffs my sophomore year. 


Justin Godsey:  What was your College football recruitment like ?

Beau Blakenship: Recruiting was a fun and stressful experience. Talked to a lot of teams and got to experience some great schools. But it was also a stressful time waiting for offers. 


Justin Godsey: What was it at the time that made you want to go to Iowa ?

Beau Blankenship: Iowa State just felt like the right fit at the time. That’s where God opened a door for me and Gene Chizik was the coach I wanted to play for.


Justin Godsey: You played for the Iowa Cyclones for a short period before transferring to Ohio. What was the transition like from Iowa to Ohio ?

Beau Blankenship: The transition wasn’t hard. I was excited to be at a new school with a new opportunity and thankfully my buddy Tyler Tettleton was here to get me acclimated.


Justin Godsey: After you sat out your transfer season were you expecting a heavy work load in your Sophomore season ?

Beau Blankenship: I was expecting and want a large workload. It was a fun year, and really tested my patience. 


Justin Godsey: This past season you passed Kalvin McRae for the all-time single season rushing leader, how excited are you to be in the Ohio record books ?

Beau Blakenship: I’m thankful to break that record. but It all goes to my offensive line and coaches they helped make it happen. Hopefully we can break it again this year.


Justin Godsey: Tell us more about your career so far with the Ohio Bobcats ?

Beau Blankenship: My time here has been great. I love Athens, the coaches and teammates I play with. I’m thankful to be here. 


Justin Godsey: What is the most important component to play football ?

Beau Blankenship: I would say the most important components to football would be speed, strength, and football knowledge. 


Justin Godsey: What are your goals for the 2013 College Football season ?

Beau Blankenship: I have a lot of personal goals for the upcoming season. I write them down every year but I usually keep them to myself. As a team its  to win every game and become MAC Champs.


Justin Godsey: Give us a bold prediction for the 2013 Ohio Bobcats football team ?

Beau Blankenship: The goal is to win every single game and become MAC Champs. But at this level you never know what the outcome will be.


Justin Godsey:  Will you declare for the 2014 NFL Draft after the 2013 College Football season ?

Beau Blankenship: Yes I will. I don’t want to look too far ahead but I’m excited for the opportunity to play at the next level.


Justin Godsey: What advice can you give to High School running backs wanting to play at the next level of competition ?

Beau Blankenship: Don’t let anyone tell you can’t play at the next level. Have confidence to play and work as hard as possible to achieve your goals.


Justin Godsey: Are they’re any shout-outs you would like to give anyone ?

Beau Blankenship: I just want to take the opportunity to thank God for everything and the Washington Warriors my little league team I’m very thankful.