Rate my turban is a platform allowing lovers of turban to showcase unique and innovative designs. It is an attempt to keep the Sikh culture alive through contemporary styling. The website offers an opportunity for you to upload a photo of your best design. Other people across the world will rate the photo with one as the least and ten as the best.

The platform intends to raise the profile of turbans at a global level. Lovers of this culture interact with counterparts all over the world and exchange innovative ideas. Such interactions are responsible for injection of fresh ideas. The young admirers of this culture do not have to recycle old designs used for generations. They can experiment with new ideas from time to time.

The website attempts to dissociate tying of turbans with a particular religion. It is a way of injecting style and at the same time maintaining the religious status. This approach sees tying of turbans as an art other than a blind following of tradition. New entrants and stylists can experiment on various designs for various occasions and personalities.

The site attempts to clean the dirt that has come to be associated with the turban. Recent global terrorism concerns have had a negative impact on the perception people have about this culture. Creativity and dissociation from religion redeems the image by bringing a professional outlook into this art of dressing. Turbans are becoming a part of red carpet events. This gesture changes the perception people have about the attire.

The site displays turbans of different colors with particular designs depending on gender. Some are specific for women while others are designed with men in mind. Children have been enjoined in this fashion as well as teenagers. The site is receptive to images of different formats and can accept an upload from a mobile phone.

You can only post a positive comment about a particular turban design. The aim is to ensure that negative views by other people do not discourage those who have uploaded or are intending to upload their images. You can rate the photo as good, very good, excellent or superb according to your judgment. It promotes the positive image of this attire. Other people will feel welcome since the site accepts all ideas.

Immense following has made sure that fresh images are posted from time to time. Variety is provided since images come from different parts of the world. This means that there is something exciting any time you visit. You will get instructions on how to tie the designs showcased. Some of it is literature while some images are accompanied by videos.

You are not required to provide any particulars or personal information to access these images. The site is a free-for-all platform to promote openness and innovation. The images on display are unique, cool and imaginative. They will fit any wearer from any corner of the world.

Rate my turban is a meeting point for admirers of this attire. The site does not discriminate against any religion, social standing, culture or geographical origin. The intention is to inject fresh ideas in tying turbans and incorporate contemporary ideas. It makes the attire more acceptable and professional. Delinking the attire from religion raises its profile in the eyes of outsiders.

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