Women always want longer eyelashes because they make their eyes more appealing. Fuller lashes can also give you a more youthful appearance and make your eyes look bigger. There are several ways in which you can make your lashes either appear longer or grow longer.

The first step is to stop bad habits that affect the growth of the hairs. You should not pull at your lashes and try not to rub your eyes. The roots of the hairs are extremely delicate and pulling at them will remove the entire hair. Be diligent about removing mascara at the end of a day. Mascara stiffens the lash and this can cause the hairs to break if you toss and turn in bed. Use a gentle method of removing mascara. Dab at your lids rather than pulling on the hair.

Use mascara for fuller looking lashes. If your mascara is lumpy when you put it on, it is probably old and should be replaced. Remove the clump whilst the mascara is still wet and do not pull at the lashes if the clump has dried.

Curling the lashes is an effective method of making lashes appear longer. Start the curling procedure from the base of the hair and work your way to the tip. This method will give the hair a natural look and curl, rather than a crimped look.

The use of oil is a natural way of promoting hair growth. Vaseline has proven to be an effective ingredient to grow stronger lashes. Coconut, olive and vitamin E oil will also stimulate growth. Dip a cotton bud into the oil and apply it gently to your lid and lashes. Remove the oil in the morning by using your normal face cleanser.

Other than these natural methods of promoting lash growth, you can opt for quicker solutions such as fake lashes or eyelash extensions. Fake lashes are simple to apply and will immediately give you longer eyelashes. Extensions come in three basic types. These are synthetic, mink and silk. The lashes are applied individually with special glue that should not cause damage or irritate your eye or lashes. It takes about two hours to complete the procedure. You will have to go back for maintenance on a monthly basis to retain that look.

There is medication known as Latisse which is available to thicken eyelashes. Regular application is necessary along the line of the upper eyelid. This will promote growth of darker, thicker, healthier eyelashes. This medication is not suitable for application to the lower lids. The medication must be used daily for a period of two months to see effective results. As soon as you stop using Latisse, your lashes will return to what they were like prior to the commencement of the medication. There are side effects linked to Latisse which include itchiness, dryness and darkened eyelids. There are other over the counter medications that cost a fraction of the price of Latisse and are as effective.

To ensure that you do not lose lashes unnecessarily, you should take care of the hair. These little hairs protect your eyes from strange objects. Not only will longer eyelashes give you the look you desire, but they will also provide added protection for your eyes.

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