The Euro 2012 Tournament got off to a great start in Warsaw’s National Stadium with an elaborate opening ceremony. The ceremony started with female dancers with hats and clothes reflecting the national colors of the host countries Poland and the Ukraine.

The dancers appeared to be performing with banners around other banners. The famed Hungarian pianist Adam Gyorgy interpreted a song composed by Chopin in homage to Poland.

The interpretation was majestic and was followed by DJ Karmatronic who did a more contemporary version of Chopin’s song. The dancer formed various shapes while Gyorgy started to play football.

Gyorgy eventually returned to the piano and then left with DJ Karmatronic. The stadium was filled with people waving the Polish and Ukrainian flags.

The ceremony itself is impressive for Euro 2012 even though it was heavily criticized by members of the press. While there are doubts as to transitioning Chopin from classic to a more contemporary version, the opening ceremony was great.

It deserves a 7/10 for opening ceremonies.

Before continuing with a review of Poland VS Greece, three more news segments from The Premier League Insider


According to the Guardian, Jermaine Defoe is expected to return to Poland after spending time in England. He was in England to tend to his family after the death of his father.

Defoe thanked everyone who supported him and made preparations for the England VS France match for next week.


Hansi Flick, the assistant coach for Germany was forced to apologize. The reason for the apology was Flick’s suggestion of using steel helmets for protection against the free kicks done by Cristiano Ronaldo.

The steel helmet comment is controversial because it was referring to militarism in Germany. Flick should have used another word for Ronaldo’s free kicks.



Another report from The Guardian comments about racial abuse in Krakow against the Dutch National Football Team. The abuse happened while the Dutch were training in a Krakow stadium.

The abusive chants were people making sounds of monkeys to the Dutch African players. Mark Van Bommel who is the Netherlands Captain criticized the attitude of the stands in Krakow.

UEFA did not investigate even though it received information about the chants. UEFA said that they were informed that the chants were secondary to Krakow not being one of the hosts in Krakow 2012.

The incident and the reaction by UEFA were reported in a Telegraph article by Richard Williams. Mr. Williams accused UEFA of being a partner in racism by not taking action against those who made insulting sounds towards the Dutch players.

While no incident is forthcoming, UEFA should have investigated on the spot.


The initial script of the first Euro 2012 was for Poland to defeat Greece in its home crowd. Poland started great with the first goal by Lewandowski in the first half.

Greece appeared lethargic until Salpingidis scored the equalizer during the second half. Even though Szcesny and Papastathopoulos were recipients of the red card, the match was exciting with both teams vying for position.

Greece showed the world that they are resistant to the pressure of the match. It remains to be seen how both countries will fare in the second part.

Poland 1-1 Greece