Many people believes that cheap oakley sunglasses is show personal charm of a external performance forms, Sun a strongly, regardless of is summer also is winter, are was like wearing a Deputy Sun mirror to show own charm, but long time of Dai Jing, many friends on will found own of vision is increasingly poor, then wearing Sun mirror on eyes has against does? we view following expert to we of detailed describes:
According to more right points expert describes, wearing Sun mirror appears does not apply of patients main reflected for, as early in eyes near nose around of parts has clear of numbness sense and sting sense, breathing Shi symptoms more clear, is like cold, also was is like has small worms in face Shang climbing go, maxillary gum numbness, door tooth feeling does not apply, local blood cycle does not Chang caused skin inflammation, eyes acid expansion, vision receded.
Medical Physiology Anatomy shows that a small hole below the eyes, called the infraorbital whole, the hole has an important nerve branches, namely the infraorbital nerve of trigeminal nerve. It distributes in crack mouth crack between the skin and the eyes, nose, and sensory function in charge. Due to the discount oakley sunglasses and the weight mirror focus oppression infraorbital nerve, can cause nerve distribution does not apply, appears in sunglasses 2-3 weeks.

Experts believe that the key to prevention is to correct and rational use of sunglasses. Do not select large glasses. Because this frame is imported, is based on the alien face design, double majority is less than the distance between the pupils and adults imported large-frame glasses optical Center distances, wearing these glasses will greatly increase the burden of eye adjustment function, damage eyesight. As for street-side stalls selling cheap oakleys sunglasses, make a very rough, lens thickness, uneven color, optical performance is poor, after wear easily cause headaches, eye pain, fatigue, discomfort, often wearing this bad sunglasses, very easily lead to vision loss.