So it’s come to this.  The Boston Red Sox have officially become so disgraceful they are on par with the Aints and the Bungles.  Paper bag wearing fans have taken to Fenway Park to show how they feel.  And I don’t blame them.

During the first inning of Thursday nights game against the Cleveland Indians, a fan sitting directly behind home plate was sporting the classic paper bag over the head look that has been a staple of disgruntled fans for years.  There was nothing the cameras could do, he was front and center.  By the second inning he was gone and the conspiracy theories started.

Twitter went crazy and #FreeTheBagGuy started spreading.  Rich Shertenlieb Co-host of 98.5 The Sports Hubs Toucher and Rich Morning Show, who runs the shows twitter account, jumped on it and before long he had found the bag guy and promised an exclusive interview the next day to find out what happened and why the bag.

It turns out bug guy is Jon O'Hara, a 25 year old comedian from New Hampshire, who bought his ticket at a discount the day of the game.  The bag was a planned out and for two reasons.

“First of all, I like to think that if I can’t recognize the team anymore, I don’t want them to recognize me,” O’Hara told Toucher and Rich.  “And the other thing is it’s embarrassing now to be a Red Sox fan. Everywhere I go I still wear my Red Sox hats, my Red Sox shirts, but I get comments now ‘how come you are wearing that hat?’ This team is not caring about winning like they used to.”

O’Hara also cleared up why he left the seats.  The Red Sox did not kick him out, turns out they were not actually his seats and when the actual people sitting there arrived they moved.

One thing is very clear, Red Sox fans have had enough and when you look at everything that has happened so far this season I don’t blame them.

This team has been a disaster on so many levels.  They are last in the American League East, their pitching is abysmal, players are calling out managers, acting entitled and don’t seem to care anymore.

This all came to a head this week in the form of pitcher Josh Beckett.  Last week Beckett spot in the rotation was skipped by the team because of a lat muscle injury and than he was seen playing golf a few days later on his off day.  

Things went from worst to unbearable when Beckett took the mound on Thursday night and was shelled for 7 runs in 2 and 1/3 innings and was booed of the field at Fenway.  After the game he finally spoke to reporters and when asked about the golf incident he responded with:

“I have 18 off days a year and I will do whatever I want on them.”

When asked again, a few other ways, Beckett reiterated the above statement.

Fans are understandable angry.  Beckett was at the center of the historic collapse last year with his horrible September (1-2, 5.48 ERA, team 1-3) and beer-and-chicken gate.  Now his slow start mixed with this controversy leave a very sour taste in fans mouths.

This team doesn’t feel like the Red Sox teams that won the 2004 and 2007 World Series.  No one is stepping up as a leader and holding players accountable.  None of the veterans like Dustin Pedroia, or David Ortiz, who you want to see step up, haven’t said anything.

As fans we were also sold the tale of Bobby Valentine, and how he would come in and bust some heads.  He was not afraid to ruffle some feather and would call out those who were under preforming.  That is the farthest thing from the truth however.

When it has been time for moments like that, as we have seen with this Beckett fiasco, Valentine as flip flopped so much that he looks undeceive, under informed and its clear he has no control over this club house.

The way things are heading they are only going to get worse before they get better and there will probably be a very large shoe to drop before the corner can get turned.