Gennady Golovkin is an electrifying, all time great talent. Certain fighters you only need to see a few of their performances and you know it, fighters like Salvador Sanchez, Aaron Pryor, Roberto Duran, prime Roy Jones, Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson. Certain great fighters just stand out with their extraordinary talents. Golovkin is a near-perfect fighter, he never relents pressure and keeps throwing a non stop barrage of varied and very accurate punches. He has power, can absorb power, his footwork is perfect, he's always in position to do damage but his eyes are also a weapon as he can see punches coming and he evades them - even from a quick-handed, brutal puncher like Stevens. Golovkin is an all-time great talent, make no mistake about it.

Another exciting aspect about his emergence is that he's genuinely eager to face the best, any formidable opponent that's out there, GGG wants to get in the ring with them, unlike a protected fraud counterfeit "great" like Mayweather, who openly boasts how he wants his team to handpick easy set ups to "steal money from fans."

Golovkin says he will face anyone from super middle to light middleweight and you just know it's not calculated lip service...he truly means it.

GGG is a blessing for boxing, thank goodness he's come around, the sport really needs fighters like him at this time to rejuvenate the sport following the massive disappointment of Mayweather's perpetual ducking and handpicking.

Fighters like GGG give devoted ring observers and fans bright hope that boxing can once again regain it's prominent stature in the cultural conscious.

Let Gennady Golovkin become the new face of boxing. And let him rejuvenate the gladiatorial spirit of when the best WANT to face the best - and bestow the sport with competition of the highest quality.