Pink Crystal scientific name QUARTZ, normal pink Crystal, Lotus pink Crystal, ice tiffany outlet pink Crystal light pink Crystal four species.
Pink crystal heart chakra of the main development, strengthen the heart, the lung function of healthy, relaxes tension, soothe irritable mood, broadminded, so Rose Quartz absolute bonus for relationships, love, as well as to strengthen their own charm.
Wear pink crystal can cure your love trauma, to reduce emotional troubles, so pink crystal stone of love that cannot be overemphasized. If you are placed in public places to do business doing pink crystal the array or ornaments and the like, you can increase the traffic of your shop; build good public relations to promote a business edge.
Contribute to reduce alertness, compare heart and preparedness psychological, can make customer bold purchase is the best weapon to open the door to do business. The natural crystal wears for some time to remember to carry out maintenance, degaussing and clean. Reward Jing I wish the majority of crystal lovers peach shipped everywhere, rolling in money.
If you are a current era of "left women", it is recommended that the choice of jewelry may wish to consider wearing natural crystal jewelry, crystal powder based the pink itself gives a unique affinity, pink light Eros A Foluo is Di Duishi people show the color of love, for those singles friend suggested wearing this tiffany necklace is the most suitable and the increasing heterosexual love, however, is very effective, if you already have a partner, you can improve you and your other half's feelings, it will bring you a very harmonious and happy love life, the case couple quarrel between bickering.
Crystal powder to do a lot of bracelet or necklace. Pink crystal heart chakra of the main development, strengthen the health of the heart and lung function, the relaxation of tension, soothe irritable mood. Assist deep into the heart to improve self-perception, pink crystal exudes a gentle and attractive flying pink light, can improve interpersonal relationships, promote popular with business edge.
Tiffany and co outlet crystal powder that can make people forming popularity, improve social skills, popularity and the goodwill of the opposite sex; increase feelings on this basis, to increase marriage, and also be able to promote the pursuit of true love, self confidence, and promote the development of the feelings of the couple's powder Crystal allows mutual trust and affectionate sweet couple, love blossom and eventually went into the marriage of heaven, to enjoy the fun of marriage, and finally maintenance of the happy family.