Edwin Van Der Ser has reiterated his plans to retire from football at the end of the current Premier League season.

He made his declarations in an interview with Manchester United TV (MUTV) after the match between the Red Devils and Arsenal (Gunners).

The end result of that match was the loss of the Gunners to the Red Devils and saying good-bye to its FA Cup chances.

Van Der Ser was asked by Stewart Gardner of MUTV if he was going to reconsider his retirement. The reply was no in spite of the more than 70,000 spectators at Old Trafford wanting him to stay.

Wayne Rooney expressed the desire of the majority of Manchester United players in Van Der Sar remaining. Rooney also wanted to give credit where credit is due for United's goalkeeper.

Sir Alex Ferguson added that "He (Van Der Sar) is a fantastic goalkeeper". Ferguson wished that Van Der Sar were in his 20's instead of 40's.

He concluded with a comment about nature catching up with people.

Van Der Sar is looking forward to the FA Cup Semi Final in April 2011. He stated that it is good to get recognition but that it is a great thing to help the team.

In the meantime, Manchester United is counting the days before the FA Cup Semi Final and the end of the 2010-2011 Premier League Season.

Manchester United is going to have a tough time finding a goal keeper of the caliber of Van Der Sar.