Edwardsville, IL, 01-FEB-2013 - Edwardsville IL Chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Cleland, DC provides the safe and natural care that helps migraine sufferers get fast relief. The doctor creates individualized programs that address the root cause of the pain and provides the training and education that gives individuals the ability to enjoy their normal activities without fear of recurring pain.

When interviewed recently Dr. Cleland discussed his commitment to providing the highest level of care to his patients. "Migraine headaches are often debilitating and prevent an individual from participating in activities that they normally enjoy. In some cases a person may be unable to focus on daily tasks and may be restricted to staying in bed, in a dark room until the pain subsides. There are often many factors that contribute to this type of headache pain and it is important that all of these issues be addressed in order to achieve the lasting, long term results that are needed for the individual to return to their normal activities. I work very closely with my patients to ensure that they receive the care and resources that will help them to enjoy life without fear of recurring pain."

When a person visits Dr. Cleland, they will be asked about the history of their pain as well as triggers that may contribute to the pain. The doctor will review their past medical history as well as their diet, exercise, lifestyle and any medications that the person may be taking. After a physical examination and x-rays to identify any compressed or herniated discs, misalignments and pinched nerves that may be restricting circulation through the spinal column the doctor will conduct tests to determine any impact on the extremities.

The comprehensive program that is created to address the migraine pain will include gentle, low-force spinal adjust to realign the spine, restore circulation and relieve pressure on the pinched nerves. The doctor uses the most advanced techniques and methods to address the pain. In addition, the doctor may recommend corrective exercises specifically designed to reduce stress, increase circulation and improve the metabolism.

Recommendations for changes in lifestyle are provided and may coach the individual to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle. Activities that contribute to the pain will be discussed and the doctor will provide the patient with the training needed to proactively address triggers for the headache pain. Nutritional counseling that will help the patient achieve balance and greater health is often included in the program. Through nutritional counseling a patient will learn what foods contribute to the headache pain and the foods that should be included in a regular diet to increase the body's ability to heal.

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