By: Kyle Caso (@3_pointz)

Last year the Redskins ended the season with Kirk Cousins taking the final snap under quarterback, not the Rookie of the Year and the franchise of the Redskins, Robert Griffin III. This was because RGIII tore his ACL for the second time in the same leg, as well as his MCL.

It's been a long way to recovery, but Robert has recovered in an outstanding pace. RGIII's will to play and win is incredible, and the fact that he is an outstanding player just made his return even more exciting.

The Eagles would start off with the ball and when they said it was going to be a whole new offense, they weren't kidding. Chip Kelly, former Oregon Ducks head coach, turned the Eagles offense into a fast, upbeat, no huddle offensive force. Vick would complete three out of his first four passes to go along with Lesean McCoy's two big gains. Those gains got the Eagles into the red zone when Vick would throw a very questionable backwards pass, which would be scooped up by Deangelo Hall for a touchdown.

Vick would fire back by getting the field goal unit good field position to cash in for three points. The Eagles would get the ball right back due to an Alfred Morris fumble on the first snap of the game for the Redskins. Vick and the Eagles would capitalize on the fumble with a 25 yard touchdown pass to Desean Jackson.

The Redskins would end up getting the ball back but throwing the ball away anyway. RG3 would end up throwing into double coverage but getting picked off by Brandon Boykins. Although the Eagles would not capitalize on the pick off, RG3 would give Alfred Morris a bad pass in the back field which would turn into a safety.

Just to sum up the Redskins offense - it was terrible to start off the game, with three drives and three turnovers. Now on the other hand, the Eagles would have the first 30 play first quarter since the 2009 Indianapolis Colts.

RG3 and the Redskins would be unable to do anything on offense as they had four straight 3 & outs, settling for punts. Unlike the Redskins, the Eagles were able to capitalize on bad plays. Vick would throw a 28 yard touchdown pass to Brett Celek, and then the very next Eagles drive, Lesean McCoy would lead them up field and Vick would finish it off with a rushing TD to make the score 26-7 to end the half.

The Redskins would start the second half with the ball, but once again, RG3 would be picked off, this time by Kary Williams. And the man of the hour, Lesean McCoy, stepped up with a big gain for a touchdown. With the score 33-7, the best the Redskins could do is try to put some points on the board for the fans.

The Redskins would deliver a rushing touchdown by Alfred Morris, then they would force a fumble, giving them amazing field position to put up more points on the board. RG3 would find Leonard Hankerson for a 10 yard touchdown pass, making the score 33-20 after not converting the wo point conversion. The Redskins would then lock up on defense and get there offense the ball back, but they would be backed up behind there own ten yard line down by 13 with only eight minutes of football left.

Robert Griffin III changed into a whole other player in the face of adversity in crunch time where they needed a touchdown. He would start the drive 5/5 for 52 yards. Eventually, the Eagles would lock up later in the drive and force the Redskins out on downs. 

The Eagles would milk the clock for the rest of the game while the Redskins would ride RG3 all the way to the end zone. RG3 found Leonard Hankerson for a touchdown, getting the game within 6 points.

The score was 33-27 with 1:14 left and it was onside kick time. The onside kick would be unsuccessful, and the Eagles would get the W in the end.

Despite the loss, RG3 was on point in the 4th quarter with a high completion percentage and two passing TD's to Leonard Hankerson. In the end, Lesean McCoy was the best player on the field, contributing 184 rushing yards and a touchdown.

The Eagles racked up 446 yards of offense on 77 plays. Michael Vick went 15 of 25 for 203 yards with two touchdown passes. RGIII finished 30/49 for 329 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions.