If it was a perfect world, the fans of Philadephia would be enjoying several Super Bowl titles right now.  Eagles fans would be elated with the 5 or more titles they would have had along with a love and deep admiration for their quarterback, Donavan McNabb.

Unfortunately, this isn't a perfect world and the Eagles aren't a perfect team. But as they make the transition of moving McNabb to their rival, the Washington Redskins, Eagles fans who have been critics of the style of play McNabb brought to the team are probably rejoicing that they might have a chance at a legitament Super Bowl title with the ball in either of their two backup QBs, Kolb or the controversal Michael Vick. But they can be no farther than the truth.

For one, it's going to be hard to replace a great quarterback in the Eagles backfield.  He started his career as a very mobile player who had the arm to match his quickness in the pocket. However, after suffering knee injuries, McNabb has learned to perform in the pocket during tough situations.

Fans are quick to point out that McNabb has never played well in must-win situations, such as Super Bowl 39 when in the last moments of the game, McNabb's judgement was off-center from normal and cost his team a potential championship. But, if you look at his ability to lead his team to the playoffs almost consistantly, it's hard to say the Eagles couldn't get a nomination for the NFC team of the past decade.

However, the true losers in this blockbuster trade may be the fans of Philadelphia Eagles, who season after season have asked for the head of McNabb in place of a newer, better quarterback.  Eagles fans demanded more than just NFC East titles and playoffs trips, they demanded a Super Bowl title.  Now, they are, for the time being, stuck in limbo, hoping that Kolb can be the quarterback that leads them into the next level.

Yet, it is said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  The Eagles are following the same script laid by the Packers when they dealt away star quarterback Brett Favre for the hands of Aaron Rodgers.  Favre, much like McNabb, was still in the prime of his career and enjoying success with his new team, the Jets. While the Jets were making a push for the playoffs, the Packers, with Aaron Rodgers in the backfield, desperatly struggled to make it to 4 wins that season. While the Packers with Rodgers have climbed out their hole and had a great season last year, little can be said if Kolb or Vick can be the long term solution for the Eagles and lead them to a Super Bowl win and more.

While the fans might not show it, it's definetly going to be a different atmosphere for Eagles fans next season. For one, the man who lead the Eagles to 5 NFC Championship game appearances will now be booed upon as he dawns the Redskins jersey.  McNabb will have to go back to the Linc, but instead of being cheered by the few fans that still supported him, he will get a treatment reserved for former players who have gotten on the wrong side of even loyal Eagles fans. One might say that Terell Owens would get treated better than McNabb would.

But when it comes down to it, McNabb was never made for a team like the Eagles. The fans were not a patient for a title as McNabb would have wanted them to be. This could be a situation where fans don't know what they lost until its gone.  Sadly, when Kolb or Vick or whoever the Eagles put up behind the center fails to live up to the high expectations of the fans, they might suffer the same fate as McNabb did Sunday Night. But do not feel sad for the fans. If anything, they had it coming one way or another!