Dyson Vacuum cleaners are a product of celebrated inventor Sir James Dyson. The cordless Dyson Vacuum cleaners turned a new page when it comes to conventional vacuum cleaning. Gone are the days when cleaning was a chore most people dreaded. Here is introducing the Dyson digital slim DC44. This vacuum cleaner does more than the usual cordless vacuum cleaner. Conventional handheld vacuum cleaners were meant for small jobs that did not take up a lot of time for instance cleaning the car. All of Dyson Vacuum cleaners are famous for their efficient use of power and not loosing suction when cleaning. This is the same with the DC44. This particular reason is why Sir James Dyson got into the vacuum cleaning business in the first place.

The DC44 employs a cyclone effect into its design like no other cordless vacuum in the market. This particular technology makes it perform effectively. Its aesthetic value is also very appealing to the eye. Its design looks like a silver like plastic melting onto the levers and gears that drive the appliance. The root cyclone and digital motor technology makes it up to three times more effective. The motors can consistently run for up to 20 minutes without ceasing. Since it is cordless, it needs a battery in order to run. For this purpose, the DC44 has a 22.2-volt nickel manganese cobalt battery, which evenly releases charge whenever it is running. Just like all previous upright vacuum cleaner models of Dyson Vacuum cleaners, the DC44 houses a powerful motor that is said to spin 5 times faster than a formula one racecar.

Unlike robotic vacuum cleaners, the DC44 is hand held. It however still serves it well since one can easily access hard to reach areas like tight corners and areas like under the bed and other household furniture. The DC44 has some tough nylon bristles mounted on its head that are good when it comes to removing stubborn dirt particles especially on carpets. The tough bristles also come in handy when removing fine dust particles from hard floors that could otherwise have been left to accumulate. This same head on the DC44 is motorized for ease of usage.

The DC 44 is particularly light in weight making easy to use in any area of the house or car. Its light aluminum wand makes the appliance a favorable substitute for a conventional dry cleaner. This particular device is very light. Weighing in at roughly 5.07 pounds or 2.3 kilograms, the DC44 is perfectly suited to carry around the house as you carry on with your cleaning. Let not the long wands attached to it fool you. It just looks bulky but not in any way heavy. The handle of the DC44 has a trigger like mechanism. This is what you use to turn the machine on and off as you work. This in essence means that the vacuums does not run continuously as you work. This particular piece of technology goes a long way into conserving the battery on the device. This device is ideal for small families or people living in small apartments.