I guess you could say there were a few rumors over the weekend stemming from the waste andcarnage that was the premature conclusion to the Cavaliers season on Thursday. One of those rumors -based on filth and fabrication -I'll bestaying as faraway from as possible, so stop emailing me.As far as speculation on Mike Brown and the decisions that Dan Gilbert will be making in the coming weeks? I may weigh inlater. Pining for LeBron willalso be later,becausewhile it goes with out saying, I simplyhope he re-ups and there's not much more to add other than that at the present moment.For now though,I did want toexpand on one otherCavaliers related rumor/story reported early Sunday from the New York Post:

LeBron's HS teammate could be used asbait to lure him to Knicks - NY Post, Marc Berman:

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